Chapter History

Our History

In early 1990, the Chapter Establishment Officer of The Links, Incorporated extended the invitation to the three local chapters to submit names for the purpose of establishing a new chapter in Houston, Texas. Twenty-four ladies comprised the interest group that attended the initial meeting on February 27, 1990 at the home of Link Drucie Chase.  Link Edwina Higgins, Western Area Director, presided over the meeting with input from the representatives of the three chapters.
Since that time, a variety of dynamic, effective, and meaningful programs have been developed and implemented in the Acres Homes community.  The programs were consistent with the four program facets of The Links, Incorporated: The Arts, International Trends and Services, National Trends and Services, and Services to Youth.

The Suburban Houston Women targeted Acres Homes youth at M.C. Williams Middle School and the seniors from the Acres Homes Multi-Service Center. These and many other programs represent the history and the commitment to service inherent in the philosophy of the Suburban Houston Women. As a result, early in December 1994, Suburban Houston Women received official notification to become Texas Spring Cypress (TX) Chapter elect of The Links, Incorporated.  The name Spring Cypress was appropriately chosen because Spring Cypress suggests expansion, viability, continuity, and growth.  The Texas Spring Cypress (TX) Chapter was chartered on March 11, 1995 and became the 51st chapter in the Western Area and 256th chapter nationally.